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Sep 27, 2007

Macroflux Announces Name Change to Zosano Pharma, Inc.

Macroflux Announces Name Change to Zosano Pharma, Inc.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 2007--The Macroflux Corporation announced today that it has changed the name of the company to Zosano Pharma, Inc.

"Our name change reflects the positive evolutionary steps the company is taking to advance our innovative transdermal microprojection delivery system technology," said M. Cory Zwerling, CEO and president of Zosano Pharma.

The Zosano name is a combination of "sano" which means to heal or to cure and "zo" for zone. The healing zone is where Zosano will focus efforts to create improved pharmaceutical products utilizing our innovative drug delivery technology.

Zosano's Macroflux® transdermal microprojection delivery system provides unique benefits including convenient needle-free administration with room temperature stability for various therapeutic peptides, proteins, small molecules and vaccines.

"Our transdermal system has been clinically tested in over 300 patients with four different peptides and a vaccine," said Peter Daddona, PhD, and chief scientific officer for Zosano. "In addition to product convenience and stability benefits, the system provides rapid and efficient drug delivery beyond existing injectable products."

Zosano Pharma's lead program, Zosano™ PTH, is in Phase II development for osteoporosis. The trial is scheduled for completion in mid 2008. Zosano is pursuing a regulatory process which leverages existing PTH safety and efficacy data. The Zosano PTH will be an important contributor to anabolic treatment or bone building options in the large global osteoporosis market, giving physicians a convenient and stable product for older women and men who currently must use daily injections.

Zosano is also exploring other product opportunities for use with this delivery system. Based on demonstrated experience in prior clinical programs, the company is pursuing many therapeutic areas, as well as partnering opportunities with other proprietary compounds.

Zosano Pharma was founded in October, 2006. The company secured a significant financial commitment of $90 million from four venture companies to advance this drug delivery technology and has established a formidable intellectual property (IP) position in this arena.

"With this strong financial backing, substantive IP positions, exciting technology and an experienced Board, we have been able to focus on further developing and implementing our product development strategy," said Zwerling.

"Zosano is positioned to bring significant value to the marketplace, by advancing our PTH program and other new compounds, with convenience and stability benefits not currently available. This positioning, combined with an exceptional team, is generating energy for a vibrant future at Zosano Pharma."

About Zosano Pharma, Inc.

Zosano Pharma™, previously named The Macroflux Corporation, was founded in October 2006 as a Johnson and Johnson Internal Ventures spin-out from the ALZA company, to progress several product opportunities based on Zosano's Macroflux® transdermal microprojection delivery system.

This proprietary system provides innovative delivery of potent therapeutic peptides, proteins, small molecules and vaccines. Based on a small patch and applicator, Zosano's technology combines rapid drug delivery and good bioavailability, with convenient needle-free administration and room temperature product stability.

The company's lead program, a PTH transdermal microprojection patch for osteoporosis, is currently in Phase 2. Other programs are being explored and partnership opportunities also exist. The company secured $90 million in financing to date from Nomura Phase4 Ventures, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), HBM BioVentures Partners and ProQuest Investments.

Headquartered in new facilities in Fremont, California, Zosano Pharma currently has 43 employees. For further information, or to find out about licensing and partnering opportunities, visit www.ZosanoPharma.com.